The Caerphilly Early Years Workforce Development Service aims to provide high standards of quality training that will guide, inspire and support all course participants in their professional development.

Our team aims to create an atmosphere of enthusiasm, mutual support and respect between staff members, trainers and participants in order to maximise the individuals learning experiences and outcomes.

All trainers and participants are encouraged to listen to, and consider each other’s opinions. Please remember the trainer is an expert in their particular field and therefore we ask that you respect this. However your views and experiences are important and positive participation is encouraged.

Some Information shared in the training session, maybe considered confidential, and therefore should not be discussed outside of the training room. The trainer / staff member should address this at the start of the course.

Therefore, we ask for the cooperation of all participants to abide by our Code of Conduct to ensure that the training event is undertaken successfully within a safe and secure environment. Failure to abide by this may result in exclusion from future courses.

Please make certain that you arrive on time so that each course can begin prompt and without interruption. If you arrive later than 20 minutes after the stipulated start time, the trainer / staff member can refuse you entry to the course / training programme on the basis that you will have missed too much of the course content. In this instance no course refund will be given.

The trainer / staff member may have a preference in relation to the use of mobile phones. If no preference is given you will be expected to turn your phones to a silent mode to lower the possibility of course disruption. We ask that any conversations / texting / messaging is limited to break times and lunch times unless it is an emergency.

Please complete our course evaluation form at the end of the training session. We welcome any feedback you may have to enable us to develop and improve our service further.

Thank you.