Working in childcare

Childcare comes in various forms including, Day Nurseries, Childminders Playgroups, Cylchoedd Meithrin, and Out of School Clubs e.g. After school clubs, Breakfast clubs and Holiday clubs. The ages of children that are cared for can be from birth to the teenager years, and the range of needs varies from child to child.

A career in childcare is very rewarding. The skills that childcare staff possess and the quality of their work makes a huge difference to the learning and developmental experiences of the children they work with. Through research we know that good quality childcare, especially in a child's early years, has a positive impact.

In Caerphilly county borough we constantly strive to have a sufficient level of highly trained, competent childcare workforce. Our priorities are to ensure that all children and families have access to high quality early years and childcare services, and also to support the childcare needs of parents who are working, training or in education.

What do we do?

The Caerphilly Early Years Workforce Development Service offers advice, guidance and financial support on childcare training opportunities, and careers into the childcare sector.
The training includes:

  • Statutory and regulatory training
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  • National Qualifications

Our subsidised Statutory and Regulatory training programme has been designed to meet the National Minimum Standards, which is required for all registered settings with the Care and Social Services Inspectorate for Wales (CSSIW).

Our subsidised CPD training programme is produced in response to the childcare sectors' needs. A bi-annual workforce skills audit is carried out with all childcare workers in Caerphilly, so we (as an early years team) can ascertain where the most common gaps in skills are, and then address these with appropriate training courses.

We work closely with training providers and partners to ensure that National Qualifications recognised on the ‘List of Accepted Qualifications for the Early Years and Childcare workforce in Wales’ are accessible locally to the childcare workforce in Caerphilly. As well as travel, we understand that funding is also a barrier to entering or upskilling in the childcare sector, which is why we aim to provide (or signpost) funding opportunities for people who live in Caerphilly and want to enter the childcare sector, or for people who currently work in the childcare sector in Caerphilly.

In response to the childcare sectors needs we aim to run as many of our courses in the evening or on weekends, so that childcare operations are not effected. Our training programme is updated on a termly basis, and is designed to be as accessible as possible.

The Caerphilly Early Years Workforce Development team promote childcare careers throughout Caerphilly and work with partners, comprehensive schools and agencies to inform and help people with their chosen career path.